"Getting Things Done" is the leading personal organisation system created by David Allen. Visit the David Allen Company Web site for a definition of GTD.


If you haven't read "Getting Things Done" yet, then we recommend that you do. (See the FAQ for links). David and his associates also present regular seminars and provide coaching to help busy people get organised and stay organised, by focusing on outcomes and thinking through activities before doing them.


You don't need any knowledge of "GTD" to use ResultsManager. You can achieve real benefits from ResultsManager without knowing GTD, but you will gain more in the long term by understanding the GTD process as well. In this documentation, we will not teach you about GTD itself, but will show you how to implement it with ResultsManager.


ResultsManager converts Mindjet's MindManager® software into a tool for implementing the Getting Things Done process. 


For those already aware of GTD, ResultsManager adds some new dimensions:



If you are experienced in GTD and have suggestions for improvements to ResultsManager, we would love to hear from you.