In this section, we will choose one or two areas as a starting point for implementing ResultsManager.


The optimum way to use ResultsManager is to track as many of your activities as possible with it. In this way, you will be able to take balanced view of where your effort is being expended, and where you need to increase focus for more effective results or to deliver longer term objectives. However, for practical purposes it is better to start small and widen your horizons as you become familiar with not only the software, but the concepts behind it. We recommend choosing perhaps one or two areas at most where you have a series of activities to complete over the next month. Examples of this might include



Examples that are not so useful to begin with include



These kinds of activity could be integrated later, but are not the best place to begin. You don't need the additional stress of urgent decision-making on top of learning a new tool, otherwise you won't have the time to understand how to get the best from it by experimentation.


So before continuing, select one or two short to mid-term projects to manage with ResultsManager.