Is your new activity something that you have promised to yourself or someone else? Or is it a "would be nice" action?


You can label explicitly committed activities by checking the "Committed" check box:


Committed activity


Someday-maybe activities are shown by checking the "Someday / Maybe" check box:


Uncommitted (Someday/Maybe) activity


If you leave an Activity without either marker set, then it will inherit the setting from its parent topic:


Committed or Someday-maybe setting is inherited from parent Topic


This information is used by ResultsManager when compiling lists in the Dashboards. For example, you can ask it to show only committed Next Actions, or you could ask for a list of Someday/Maybe Projects so that you can review them and decide whether to change their status.


ResultsManager uses a MindManager Icon ("handshake" or "meeting") to mark Activities as committed. You can change the status of an Activity by adding or removing this Icon on the Topic. This Icon is automatically added to the Map Marker set when the Edit command is used. It also uses the "Hourglass" icon for Someday/Maybe and will automatically add a legend to this icon in the Map Markers.


The Committed or Someday/Maybe marker will be inherited from the parent topic if not explicitly defined. This means you can set a whole project to Committed or Someday/maybe just by setting the marker on the Central Topic (for example). If you have used ResultsManager before, this is a change from earlier versions that simplifies this feature. By default, the Central Topic of a map will be regarded as "Committed" if not explicitly set otherwise.


You can also add the Purpose for this activity in the box. This is written to the Notes for this Topic in the map, and will appear in the Dashboard when this activity is listed. Any existing Notes in the Topic are displayed, but if the Notes contain any rich text (tables, Hyperlinks, bullet points and so on) then they cannot be edited in the ResultsManager dialogue, and this box will be greyed. Only plain text can be edited via the ResultsManager edit dialogue.