The ResultsManager Options dialogue lets you manage your master lists of Contexts, Owners, Categories and Areas, and gives you access to the Dashboard Options.


Options are stored in the Registry on your system. If you move ResultsManager to a new system, you will have to recreate your options again. The Master Lists can be exported and imported to aid this process.


To view the ResultsManager Options dialogue, click  the ResultsManager tab | Options group | Options | ResultsManager Options in MindManager.


The main ResultsManager Options dialogue


Click on a heading below for details.


Run Power User Setup Wizard

Manage master Contexts List

Manage master Owners List

Manage master Categories List

Manage master Areas List

Import (Master lists)

Export (Master lists)


Automatic updates to Master Lists

Do not create Local lists from maps

Working Week starts Sunday

Use fewer confirmation messages

Label "Results" as "Subprojects"

Allow commas as list separators

Support MM/Outlook Synchronisation

Store Contexts and Areas in Categories

Shared Drive and folder list

Automatically close shared maps

Dashboard Edit Mode selector

Dashboard Options

Automatic Completion Logging

OK button

Cancel button

Help button