You are now ready to create a Dashboard map from your Activities. The Dashboard map will let you quickly see what needs to be done next, across multiple projects, without re-thinking the logic of each project every time you check your lists.


  1. Open your Map Central map, and  select the Central Topic to ensure that ResultsManager scans the whole map.
  2. Click the ResultsManager tab | Dashboard group | Create Dashboard
  3. In the Dashboard selector drop-down list, choose "GTD Lists Dashboard", and click OK
  4. ResultsManager will scan all the maps linked from your Map Central map, and build a set of "GTD" lists
  5. If you have everything set correctly, you should see a new map called "GTD Lists", with today's date in the Central Topic:


The "GTD Lists" Dashboard map



The "GTD" Lists Dashboard map is personalised for you and contains only your action items. If you were sharing some project maps with colleagues, your Dashboard map picks out your activities, while theirs will pick out the ones where they are the owners of actions.


The GTD Lists Dashboard, like any of the Dashboard maps in MindManager, can be viewed as an Outline if you feel more comfortable with to-do lists:



"GTD" Lists Dashboard viewed as an Outline in MindManager



What ResultsManager is doing here is creating the GTD lists automatically, from project plans drawn inside maps. You don't need to maintain these lists directly as ResultsManager will regenerate them each time you create a Dashboard.