MindManager maps can carry information that identifies then as ResultsManager Dashboard Templates. This information is stored in the map Properties accessed via File | Properties... when the map is open and selected.


The "Keywords" property must be set to "Dashboard" for ResultsManager to interpret and assign the other properties to the Dashboard Details dialogue. This is done when the "New" button is clicked in the Dashboard Settings dialogue, and a suitable map is open and selected in MindManager.



File Property

ResultsManager interpretation


Used as the Dashboard Name


Required to be set to "Dashboard" for ResultsManager to interpret the other fields


Used as the Dashboard Description

Comment contains


"~0", "~1", "~2" or "~3"

Controls the number of levels of parent project displayed in callouts, from 0 to 3


Tidies up the dashboard map when complete


Lists this template in the dashboards list in Express Mode

All other fields

Ignored by ResultsManager


Document Properties interpreted by ResultsManager


If the "Keywords" property is valid, then the other properties are used to initialise the Dashboard Details dialogue, and the path to the map is used as the source map path. This saves time when configuring a new dashboard template, and means that the template can be installed with  the ResultsManager tab | Tools group | Install Template.