(ResultsManager Professional Edition only)


Getting your Dashboard maps just right is critical for successful and sustained use of ResultsManager. Your Dashboard maps should tell you just what you need to know, when you need to know it. Tailoring Dashboard maps to your specific needs will pay back the effort many times over.


There are two stages in defining a Dashboard:




The Dashboard Details dialogue


The Dashboard Details dialogue is accessed by clicking the "Modify", "New" or "Duplicate" buttons in the Dashboard Options dialogue.


Dashboard Details dialogue



All dashboards must have a name and a template map associated with them, but the source and destination for a Dashboard is configurable:



Click on a link below for an explanation of the controls in this dialogue.


Dashboard Name


Dashboard available in "Express mode"

Prompt for Owner when creating Dashboard

File name (Dashboard template map)

Browse button (Dashboard template map)

Open (Dashboard template map)

Number of levels of Parent Project to show

Sweep map in view when creating Dashboard

File name (Source map to sweep)

Browse button (Source map to sweep)

Open (Source map to sweep)

Create new unsaved map

Tidy up map when finished

File name (Destination map to write)

Browse button (Destination map to write)

Open (Destination map to write)

OK button