(ResultsManager Professional edition only)


Power User mode also offers the option of editing groups of Activities together, to save time. For example, you can change the Owner name of a set of selected Activities in one operation.


You can select multiple Topics in a map with the "rubber band" selector (dragging a rectangle around a group of Topics) or with Ctrl+Click. When you launch the ResultsManager Edit command with multiple Topics selected, ResultsManager prompts you to choose whether you want to edit the selected Topics together, or individually:


Selecting Block edit or individual edit


If you answer No to this prompt, ResultsManager will display the normal Edit dialogue for each of the selected Topics in turn. Clicking OK will save the changes and move to the next selected Topic.


If you answer Yes to this prompt, ResultsManager will display a restricted version of the Edit dialogue that allows you to edit certain fields together. The changes you make will apply to all the selected Topics:


Editing multiple Activities in Block Edit mode


In the block edit dialogue, the following fields only can be edited:



The other fields (Purpose, dates etc.) cannot be block-edited. Changing one of the editable fields will apply the change to all the selected Topics.


When more than one Topic is selected, it is possible that they will contain different values for the same field (e.g. two different lists of Owners). ResultsManager deals with this as follows:



Let's take an example. Suppose you selected three Activities:



When you edit  these Activities together, the Context box will contain "Phone", and the Owner box will be blank, because not all the Owners are the same. If you replace the Context with "Meeting" and click OK, then the Activities will be changed to:



The original Owners would not be changed. But if you entered "Karen" into the Owner box instead, then the Activities would change to



You can use the block edit mode in conjunction with the Maintenance dashboard to quickly make global changes across a set of maps.


Power tip: If you want to delete a field from a block of selected activities (e.g. delete the Categories value), and the selected Activities already contain different values, then use the block edit dialogue to set all the Categories to the same non-blank value first. Then you can re-edit the same selection again, and change the non-blank value to an empty field.