The ResultsManager Edit dialogue allows you to quickly enter the information about this activity so that it can be managed and tracked to completion.


To edit an existing Activity in a map, either:


The ResultsManager Edit dialogue (Power User mode)


The Edit dialogue lets you define the information that will be used to organise and track your Actions, Results and Projects. Most of the information is stored in the MindManager map in visible fields, so can also be edited via other means (e.g. the Task Info task pane), but the ResultsManager Edit dialogue is quicker for configuring all the information in one place. Some of the information (such as Contexts and Areas) does not normally have any visible storage in the map, so can only be edited through ResultsManager.


The current project is shown at the top of the dialogue:


Current Project at top of Edit Dialogue


This means that the new Action, Result or sub-project that we are adding or editing  "belongs to" the "Moving House" Project. ResultsManager automatically determines where you are in your map, and works out to which project this Activity belongs. If it reaches the Central Topic without finding a parent Project or Result, the Central Topic becomes the "parent project".


If the next highest item in your map is a Result or Subproject instead, the dialogue shows:


Current Result / Subproject at top of Edit Dialogue


This means that the new activity that we are adding or editing  "belongs to" the "Everything packed" Result or Subproject.