When you are creating brainstorm maps, meeting minutes or planning maps in MindManager, some of the Topics in your map will represent activities that you or someone else needs to complete.


You can either


Start a new MindManager map, or open one that has some Activities already in it. To convert an existing Topic into an Activity, select it and click the ResultsManager tab | Activity group | Edit Activity.


To add a new Activity to your map, select the parent Topic and click the ResultsManager tab | Activity group | Insert Activity.


The ResultsManager Edit dialogue will then appear:


The Express mode Edit dialogue


Begin by typing your intended outcome in the "Successful outcome" box.


Then, decide if this is a Project (that will have Actions of its own), or an Action that you can do. Selecting the radio button will change the Icon.


If this activity must be completed by a deadline, then choose the due date. Click the shortcut list button () to choose dates such as today, tomorrow, one week's time and so on. Or click the browse button () by the date to choose from a calendar. If it is just something that needs to be done as soon as possible, leave the date blank. In Express mode, if you set a date on an Activity, it is automatically regarded as having a deadline, so you will see the Deadline icon on the topic after editing it.


If you have already made some progress with this activity, you can enter it here. Otherwise, leave it set to "Not started" if this is a new Activity.


Next, choose where you can do this. Type in the Context, or choose one by clicking the Browse button (). When the list of Contexts appears, double-click in the left-hand column on the ones that apply, then click OK. You don't need to put "@" in front of Contexts - ResultsManager will deal with this automatically.


Lastly, ResultsManager needs to know who is responsible for this Activity. Click the List button () by the Owner box, and select your name from the list. You are now the owner.


That's it! ResultsManager now has everything it needs to know about this Activity to include it in a Dashboard map, so that you can see everything organised by Context and Project.