Once you have some Activities defined in your project-focused maps, ResultsManager can generate Dashboards to help you prioritise and take action towards them.


Click the ResultsManager tab | Dashboard group | Create Dashboard to see the Dashboard Selection dialogue:


Power User Dashboard selection dialogue


This dialogue allows you to choose which Dashboard map you want to create, and what to create it from.


Choose a dashboard from the drop-down list. The available dashboards are defined in through the Dashboard Options dialogue. When you select a Dashboard, the comments underneath the box explain more about what this dashboard does.


When you launch the Dashboard Selection dialogue, you may have  a Topic already selected in your map. You can generate a dashboard from just a part of a map, or you can revert your selection to be the whole map, which is more usual.


Click the Options button if you want to change Dashboard options, or even add a new Dashboard before generating a Dashboard.


Click the OK button to launch the Dashboard generation. If you have a large number of linked maps and tasks to scan, this operation may take a few minutes. Normally, you would regenerate dashboard maps either daily or weekly, depending on the purpose of the Dashboard. ResultsManager is not currently optimised for the frequent regeneration of Dashboards.


When you click the OK button, the display shows a progress bar as it sweeps all the maps linked from the current map, then builds a Dashboard based on the selected template:


Dashboard creation in progress


You can click the Cancel button while the Dashboard is being created, for example if you realise that you are using the wrong template, or generating from the wrong starting map. (For some reason, this insight is only made available by clicking the OK button). ResultsManager will stop, and will display a warning message:


Dashboard creation cancelled by user


Note that any Dashboard map that ResultsManager has started to create will probably be incomplete, and you should delete it. You should not use it to decide on any actions.