Activities may be marked as completed either in MindManager, or in Outlook. At the next synchronisation, the status is transferred to the other side.


If you mark a task as complete in Outlook, then the next time you synchronise with MindManager, the corresponding activity will be set as complete in the map. ResultsManager will also remove the internal data that marked this activity as synchronised with Outlook, so that it does not get called back into the dashboard again.


If you mark an activity as complete in MindManager, it does not normally appear in Dashboards unless the "Include Completed Items" option is enabled. However, to ensure that the "completed" status gets fed through to Outlook at the next synchronisation, it is necessary for completed Activities to appear in the Outlook Synchronisation dashboard until their new status is sent to Outlook.


To support this, ResultsManager automatically includes in the Outlook Synchronisation dashboard any Activity that has Outlook Sync data attached to it, even if it is complete. So the next synchronisation with Outlook will mark the task as complete in Outlook. Then, when  sending changes back from the Dashboard to the project map, it "De-synchronises" any activity that is complete. This prevents the same activity re-appearing in the Dashboard the next time it is generated.


You must still manually remove completed tasks from your lists in Outlook after synchronisation. MindManager does not have the capability to automatically delete these. If not deleted, they can reappear in the Dashboard maps when you next synchronise. If you delete a completed task in Outlook before synchronisation in the completed state, it will get reinstated in Outlook again from the map.