"There are management solutions to technical problems,
but no technical solutions to management problems"



Don't you have enough technology in your life already? Why would this system be more effective than the others?


The short answer is that the secret of good prioritisation and execution of your ever-increasing workload is the visualisation of successful results. The better you are at visualising your outcomes and projects, the clearer your day to day decision-making process gets. There is no technological "magic bullet" - the initiative and will-power come from you, not from the technology. So almost any system can be made to work, provided you are committed to it and use it consistently.


But what MindManager and ResultsManager do (that other technologies don't) is visualise your ideas and outcomes so that you can see them, work with them and work on them.


In this chapter we will show you how to use ResultsManager to effectively manage your workload, so that you are in a position to make informed decisions, judge priorities and stay focused on what is really important. We will show you how to:



So, how do you plan your day? (Or your life?)


The top 5 mistakes in daily planning



Our implementation programme shows you how focusing on your projects, charting simple routes to successful outcomes, and reviewing your workload from different perspectives will help to create a system that you can use every day, and trust to help make good decisions about how to spend your time.


ResultsManager has been carefully designed to support the implementation of David Allen's "Getting Things Done" system. If you haven't read David's book of the same name, buy it now. If you are already familiar with "GTD", then you will know that a lasting change in habits does not happen overnight, and that in the early days, it is easy to regress. Your colleagues may not appreciate your new focused approach, and were happier when they could abuse your time and good will. ResultsManager provides a platform for implementing GTD using MindManager, with some key advantages over simple lists - you can focus on and visualise projects much more easily, and you can manage and track shared activities and projects with team members.


ResultsManager takes you from graphical brainstorms to organised action lists in one step, accelerating the mechanics of GTD so that you can spend more time focusing on and visualising outcomes. If that sounds like Californian daydreaming, prepare yourself for a nightmare - you are going to have to think about and decide on things that your "busy trap" has kept hidden from you for too long.