Synchronisation with Outlook pivots around a special dashboard map that is designed for this purpose. The process works as follows:


  1. A special Dashboard map is defined that is pre-synchronised with Outlook, and which will list Activities only once, without any duplications.
  2. ResultsManager sweeps project maps for Activities and posts them to this special dashboard map. If any of them have existing Outlook Sync data, this is also copied into the dashboard map.
  3.  MindManager Button | Export | Synchronize Microsoft Outlook Tasks can now be used with this special dashboard. Any tasks that are new will get added to Outlook. Any that are modified will update the corresponding copy in Outlook. Any that are changed in Outlook will be modified in the Dashboard.
  4. Dashboard changes are then posted back to the original project maps with the ResultsManager tab | Dashboard group | Send Changes. If any new tasks have been inserted by Outlook, these are posted back to  your project maps.
  5. Further changes to either the Dashboard or the project maps can now be synchronised with Outlook. If the dashboard is regenerated, it can still be synchronised with Outlook because the sync data is reinstated from the project maps.
  6. Project maps can  be synchronised with Outlook, but care should be taken not to import any new Outlook Tasks into project maps. They should only be imported into the Dashboard, and distributed from there.