MindManager Pro 7 synchronises tasks with Outlook using 3 commands:


MindManager shows the first two commands (Export and Import) if the current map has not been previously synchronised. You can establish a synchronisation by either exporting or importing information in the map.


MindManager shows only the third command (Synchronize) if the map has previously been synchronised. You can re-synchronise the map again with this command.


When MindManager initially exports or imports tasks to or from Outlook, it stores some "synchronisation data" in the map Topics. This sync data is used on subsequent synchronisations to match up this topic with the corresponding Task in Outlook. The initial import and export sets up this sync data. Once the sync data is established, changes made in either Outlook or MindManager can be resolved, and updates can pass either way at the next synchronisation.


Refer to the MindManager documentation for the latest information.