From MindManager 6 onwards, the support for Categories as part of the Task Info task pane was discontinued. MindManager 6.0.664 (Service Pack 0) and above introduced legacy support for Task Categories information used by MindManager X5 and ResultsManager. This is implemented with Text Markers in the Map Markers set of a map, by creating a "Categories" marker group. However, the use of Text Markers has certain limitations.


The limitations of using Text Markers in a "Categories" Marker Group in MindManager 6.0.664 & above include the following:



To maintain the same functions of ResultsManager on MindManager X5 and 6, ResultsManager provides ongoing support for Task Categories, and will attempt to keep Categories and Text Marker information synchronised. Categories can still be entered through the ResultsManager Edit dialogue. ResultsManager also includes two workarounds to handle these issues: