To use ResultsManager effectively, you do not need to be a MindManager Black Belt - but you do need to be able to create and edit maps without the technology getting in the way of your thinking.


We recommend that you are comfortable with the following basic features in MindManager. If you already know these, then this section is not for you. If you are new to MindManager, then at least try these a couple of times until you can do them without referring to the Help file. (Reading Help files is usually a final act of utter desperation anyway). The animated tutorials in MindManager are highly recommended too.


The list below looks worse than it actually is. The quickest way to learn MindManager is to use it. The following should take between five and ten minutes. Of course, this is only a fraction of MindManager's capabilities, but is enough to get you productive with ResultsManager.


MindManager essential skill

Hints and tips

Creating, saving and closing map documents

  • Click the MindManager Button then click New to start a new map
  • Click the MindManager Button then click Save to choose a location for a new map and save it
  • Click the MindManager Button then click Close to close the current map
  • If you have more than one map open, click the tabs attached to map window to switch between them

Selecting Topics

  • Click on a Topic to select it
  • A blue border appears around the selected Topic
  • Ctrl+Click on other Topics to add them to the selection

Adding Topics to a map

  • Select the Central Topic or any other Topic
  • Press the INS key to insert a new subtopic

Adding Main Topics

  • Double-click in the background where you want the new Main Topic

Deleting Topics

  • Select any Topic (except the Central Topic)
  • Press the DEL key to delete it
  • You can't delete the Central Topic

Renaming Topics

  • Select any Topic, then start typing
  • The text you type will replace the current Topic text
  • When you are done, just click in the map background to deselect the Topic and commit the new text

Editing Topic text

  • Select any Topic
  • Click on it once again to enter "edit" mode, or press F2 to select all the text
  • Position the cursor in the text and make changes
  • Click away from the Topic or press F2 to close "edit" mode

Moving Topics

  • Click and hold on a Topic, then drag it to another part of the map
  • The red preview marker shows where it will drop when the mouse button is released
  • Note that subtopics get moved too if you move a whole tree

Adding Icons to Topics

  • Click on a Topic to select it, click the Home tab and click Icon Markers
  • Click on the required Icon from the drop-down selection

Removing Icons from Topics

  • Right-click on the Icon image in the Topic, and select Remove

Adding Hyperlinks to Topics

  • Click on a Topic to select it, click the Home tab and click Hyperlink
  • Click the Existing File or Web page button if not already selected
  • Click the file Browse button  to browse for a file
  • Click the folder browse button  to link to a folder

Launching a Hyperlink

  • Click on the Hyperlink Icon  in the Topic. The Icon will depend on the type of the linked file. For MindManager maps, it is 

Adding Notes to Topics

  • Press Ctrl+T to view the Notes pane
  • Click on a Topic to select it. The Notes for the selected Topic can now be edited in the Notes pane
  • When you click on a different Topic, its notes are displayed in the Notes pane instead

Changing the level of detail in view


Just view the part you are working on

  • Only relevant for Topics that have subtopics!
  • Select a Topic and press Ctrl+D a few times until you see the required level of subtopics, or
  • Click on the  or  blobs at the end of Topic to expand or hide subtopics
  • Select a Topic and press F3 to focus on it

Pan and Zoom the map


Maps quickly grow bigger than the screen

  • Click and hold in the map background until the pointer changes to a hand
  • Move the mouse to pan the whole map
  • Click on the View tab then use the Zoom buttons  in the View ribbon to zoom in and out

View Callout Topics 

You will find it useful to view and hide Callout Topics when working with ResultsManager Dashboard maps

  • Click the View tab
  • Click Show/Hide
  • Click on Callouts to enable or disable the display of Callouts
  • In MindManager 7, there is no way to add this command to the Quick Access toolbar