If ResultsMerlin (the ResultsManager Wizard) is installed, simply click on the ResultsManager tab | Options group | ResultsMerlin and select the Purchase & Support Wizard to get information about finding answers. ResultsMerlin will give you links to support and help resources, and will gather information that will help us to help you if you need to escalate a problem to your supplier or Gyronix.


Before requesting support, please ensure that you are using the latest version of ResultsManager. Click the ResultsManager tab | Product group | About ResultsManager | Check for updates on-line to check that you are up to date, and download  & install the latest version if necessary.


Also try the ResultsManager tab | Product group | About ResultsManager | View Release Notes Map to see if your problem is a known issue that is not in the main documentation.


Please provide the following information when requesting support:



Anything that you can tell us that will help us reproduce the issue will help us to help you. Please be as detailed as you can -  descriptions such as "it doesn't do what I expected" don't let us help you very quickly!