(ResultsManager Professional edition only)


Support for synchronisation with Microsoft® Outlook requires MindManager Pro and is available in ResultsManager Professional Edition from v2.0.6 onwards, when used in Power User mode.


ResultsManager does not communicate directly with Outlook. It uses MindManager's built-in connection to Microsoft Outlook, so that project maps and dashboard maps can be synchronised with Outlook.


MindManager can maintain synchronisation between a task in a map and a corresponding task in Outlook. If a change is made in either MindManager or Outlook, the information is updated either way at the next synchronisation.


ResultsManager supports MindManager's Outlook Synchronisation by creating dashboard maps that are designed to be synchronised with Outlook. You can conveniently synchronise current tasks from your complete portfolio of maps, without visiting and synchronising each map in turn. ResultsManager also allows you to synchronise only selected activities with Outlook, for example by only sending Next Actions (and not all actions), and only sending actions that you own.