You can assign a Priority, Duration and Progress status to Activities in the Edit dialogue. This information is stored in the Task Info task pane and can also be edited by the normal MindManager features. Defining a Priority or Progress status (percent complete) also adds the automatic Icons to the Topic, and changes made outside ResultsManager will be reflected the next time you open the ResultsManager Edit dialogue.


Priorities should be used as a short-term status. Dashboards can filter and sort by Priority, but if everything in your map is Priority 1, then you are no nearer a decision. Although it is tempting to consider priority as a global measurement scale, you are better off using Priorities within smaller groups of actions where there is some discretion. If you share maps and plans with others, then it is important to have an agreement about what Priority means in your plans. Your "Priority 1" might be someone else's "Priority 3"!


The "Priority Action Dashboards" will display only Activities that belong to Projects or Results marked as Priority 1. A good way to use this is to agree each week what your must-achieve outcomes are for the week, and label these as Priority 1. Then the Priority Action Dashboards will show you only what you need to focus on to achieve your commitments for the week. Priority 1 items should not be allowed to build up over a long period of time, otherwise priorities stop being a useful way to discriminate when time is short.


You can set the duration of an activity in hours, and this information is saved in the map. ResultsManager does not make any use of the Duration information at present, but may do so in future versions.


The "Progress" selector lets you mark how complete this activity is, from 0% complete (not started) to 100% compete (finished). There is a subtle distinction between an activity that is 0% complete, and one that has no percentage complete value. The former is an activity that needs to be actioned, and the latter is just information - there is no action associated with it. By default, ResultsManager sets the Percent Complete of a new Activity to zero, so that it is marked with the "Task" Icon. If you decide that this Activity does not actually need doing, you can change the Progress to "Not actionable". When you close the Edit dialogue, this Activity will not be a task of any kind.