Your first decision is: is this activity a new Project, a new Result, or a Next Action?


If it is a simple task such as making a phone call, and you have all the information available, then it can be a Next Action and you can click the "Next Action" selector:


Setting an activity as a Next Action


But if this activity is a bit more complex, and might need a little bit of planning or involve other people, then it could be a Result or Subproject in its own right, and you should click the "Result" radio button:


Setting an activity as a Result (or Subproject) within a project


If this is a larger project that might take many actions and intermediate achievements ("Results"), then you should click the "Project" radio button:


Setting an activity as a Project


For example, if the activity is "Buy a new car", then this is probably not something that can be completed in one event. It will consist of research, evaluation, decisions and a number of actions and milestones, so it is really a whole project in its own right. The point at which you have chosen your car might be a "Result", one of several within the whole project. You can easily change Actions into Projects or Results later, and vice versa.


ResultsManager treats Projects and Next Actions as almost identical. Projects can consist of Actions and sub-projects, and Actions can have sub-projects underneath them. The only difference is that the ResultsManager dashboard knows how to distinguish between Projects and Actions, so that you can create a Review dashboard for a specific project, or list just the Actions that belong to one project.


Working with Projects inside maps


Within a MindManager map, ResultsManager adopts the following convention:



When you assign an activity to be a Result or a Project, ResultsManager writes the appropriate Icon to this Topic in the map. You can manually add or remove the Project and Result Icons to change the status of the activity, using the normal MindManager features. So you can change a Topic from a Project to a Result or a Next Action or vice versa. ResultsManager automatically adds its Icons to the Map Marker set in MindManager.