ResultsManager Professional edition only


Once you have generated a Dashboard map, you can regenerate it again without returning to the original project map - or even knowing which Dashboard template was used.


Open the generated Dashboard map, then click the ResultsManager tab | Dashboard group | Create Dashboard. This will prompt you for confirmation to regenerate and replace this dashboard:


Prompt for permission to regenerate Dashboard


Clicking "No" will abort the process. Clicking "Yes" will perform the following:



Note that ResultsManager only remembers which project map was used to create the original dashboard, and does not store any information about which topic or topics were selected at the time. The replacement Dashboard will therefore be started from the Central Topic of the project map.


If you have made any changes to activities in the current Dashboard map, you should be sure to use the "Send Dashboard Changes" command to 

If the Dashboard option to warn about missing Multi-map hyperlinks is disabled, then no prompt for confirmation is issued. This is so that a Dashboard map can be regenerated through external scripting, without any user input required.