To distinguish your activities from things being done by other people, ResultsManager needs to know who you are. Now is also a good time to configure the basic options.


We will assume that you have already tried ResultsManager in Express Mode. This section will describe the use of ResultsManager in Power User mode to implement GTD.


  1. Open MindManager and click on the ResultsManager tab | Options group | User Mode. Select "Power User" mode and click OK.

  2. You can use the Power User Setup Wizard to complete your Power User configuration by clicking the button. If you prefer to use manual configuration, set the options as shown below:




  1. Now click the button labelled "Dashboard Options":



  1. In the box labelled "Me", type your name (without using commas or semicolons). ResultsManager will ensure that your name is always available so that you can assign activities to yourself.
  2. Configure the rest of the options on the left hand side as shown. Do not add or delete any Dashboards,  as your default list may vary from the above screen shot.
  3. Click OK to return to the main Options dialogue.


ResultsManager now knows you who are, and can use this information to create dashboards that are personalised around your perspectives.