If you have some tips and tricks for using ResultsManager, we'd love to hear them.


Use the ResultsManager Template map to start new projects

Use "In-tray" maps and Map Parts

Use Outline view in MindManager for Dashboards

Using Categories

Using Contexts

Using contact details in the Topic Notes

Linking back to Map Central from Project maps

Use a Context for things you are waiting for

A different way to use Percent Complete

Only add Owners you will use frequently

Use a "Someone else" Owner

Use Owners, Contexts, Categories and Areas consistently

Don't use commas in Owner names

Use multi-select to edit several Activities

Always run Actions | Send Dashboard changes before closing Dashboard maps

Customise your Dashboard maps for speed and performance

Use the "Save and Add" and "Save and Insert" buttons in the Edit dialogue

Use the "Exclude from Dashboard" icon when updating from the Dashboard