When ResultsManager is installed, it automatically installs itself for all users. This is done by creating registry entries in HKLM, and relying on MindManager to copy these to HKCU. Although ResultsManager is an extension to MindManager software, it appears in the Add/Remove Programs dialogue as a separate programme and can be separately uninstalled.


If you are re-installing ResultsManager, the installer can make a backup copy of the maps in the default Dashboards folder. This is useful if you have modified the default Dashboard templates, to avoid losing your modifications. You can allow the installer to make backup copies of your modified Dashboard templates before replacing them. Before you install again, you should retrieve your modified Dashboard template maps and re-apply the changes to the new Dashboards, or replace the new Dashboards with your modified versions. Please consult the Release Notes map and this documentation to determine whether your customisations are still valid. Previous filter behaviour will be preserved as far as possible but there may be some changes that require you to review your customised dashboards.


To uninstall ResultsManager, do the following:



Note that if you have modified any Dashboard templates, these will be left behind after ResultsManager is removed. 


Uninstalling ResultsManager normally removes ResultsMerlin and the ResultsManager Ribbon Add-in (installed automatically for MindManager 7). You may need to refresh or redisplay the Add/Remove Programs dialogue to confirm that they have been uninstalled. If they remain behind, they can be manually uninstalled from the Add/Remove Programs dialogue.