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Gyronix ResultsManager™ Vista

After listening to all the valuable feedback and integrating many client and partner recommendations, Gyronix are proud to announce the release of ResultsManager Vista.

With over 30 new features and enhancements, ResultsManager Vista enables you to

  • Clearly see what needs to be done, by whom and by by when, with our brilliant new and highly visual Dashboards
  • Work with your team more effectively, manage delegation, and manage relationships with others in the new Relationship Central sections in Dashboard maps
  • Focus on critical projects that you and your team must deliver using our "Priority 1" system and "fire-fighting" Dashboards
  • Use MindManager X5 / X5 Pro or the wonderful new MindManager Basic 6 or Pro 6 as your platform

ResultsManager Vista is a free upgrade for existing users of ResultsManager v2. So if you are already using ResultsManager, you can upgrade to MindManager Pro 6 straight away.

If you are using MindManager X5 or X5 Pro, you can upgrade to MindManager 6 Pro and get your ResultsManager Vista license in a single convenient bundled purchase.

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Extra features for Power Users

For Power Users, ResultsManager Vista provides

  • A doubling of the power of ResultsManager Dashboards with the addition of 6 new dashboard filters and enhancements to existing ones
  • Additional Dashboard types, splitting frequently used Dashboards into Express and Power User versions. The Power User versions provide deeper analyses of your action and review processes
  • Support for "In-trays" in your maps, where you can temporarily keep ideas and actions that are not yet integrated. ResultsManager Vista's review Dashboards show you these "unsorted" activities for later processing
  • A ResultsManager template map that is the ideal basis for developing robust plans in MindManager

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